You and I have been taught several prayers I’m guessing in our life.

The Guardian Angel Prayer, Hail Mary, Our Father, Prayer before meals. Or one of the most powerful four-word prayers said with trust and faith from the Chaplet of Divine Mercy; Jesus I trust in you. the simplest prayer of all, the sign of the cross. Maybe, you have a prayer that you created that helps you throughout your day. Whatever our prayers might be, the most important thing we can remember about prayer is to do it. Every day, as frequently as we possibly can.

It has been said about Prayer that it’s a trusting surrender–surrendering to the will of God and accepting His will. If I were in a small boat and threw the anchor from the boat and caught the shore and pulled… would I be pulling the shore to me, or would I be pulling myself to the shore? Prayer is not pulling God to your or my will. It is doing everything you and I can to make our will the same as the will of God.

May you and I humbly pray for our Lord’s assistance in growing our prayer life. May you and I seek the virtue of fortitude that we may develop a disciplined prayer life. May you and I pray that we receive the graces always be aware of the presence of God in our lives.

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